The vallies of Àneu


  The vallies in the hearth of the Pyrenees form that part occupying the entire upper area of Pallars SobirÓ, in the north of the province of Lleida. This territory extends slightly more than 407 square kilometres.
The vallies of └neu are formed by 6 principal vallies and many more minor ones: the principal central valley from south to north comprehends the villages of Escalˇ, La Guingueta d'└neu, Escalarre, Esterri d'└neu and ValŔncia d'└neu.
The other lateral vallies are: in the north, the riverbanks of Isil and Alˇs; on the left of the central valley, and from north to south we meet the valley of La Bonaigua and, below it, the valley of Espot; on the right we encounter in the north the valley of Unarre and below that the lowland of Berrˇs.