The Municipe


Esterri d'└neu is the geographic, economic, social and cultural centre of the vallies of └neu. Is located on a green plain 2 km wide by 4 km long, the major part in a green zone.


The climate is variable according to the season of the year and basically are two different seasons: a humid season corresponding to winter-spring, when the climate is cold with abundant rainfall in the form of weater as well as snow; on the contrary the dry season, summer-autumn, is characterised with an ambience of dry heat during the day and cold nights, with less precipitation but frequent summer storms.


A town of ancient traditions thousands of years old, its first written document dates from 839.

The first houses were constructed according to feudal custom at the foot of the mountain, protected by the castle of ValŔncia. The later expansion spread over the plain following the course of the river Noguera Pallaresa.

These changes, over a long period of time gave form to two well defined and different parts of the town: the old town, admirably preserved with its characteristic buildings and narrow shady lanes, and the new town characterised by wider streets and new buildings.



Esterri is equipped: medical services, emergencies, teaching, cultural, social and religious services, a recreation area and children's parks.

Medical dispensary, Fire service, pharmacy
A primary and secondary school and learning field
Ecomuseum of the vallies of └neu, library, historic archive
Residence for the third age, community centre for retired folk and religious services
Recreation area, Children's Park
Information and tourist office



Mostly concentrated in the main street the commercial offers are varied and enough to supply the needs of the population: hotels and lodgings, restaurants and bars, banks, supermarkets and retail shops in general, diverse commercial services (estate agents and builders, repairs and maintenance, adventure sports...), service stations...
In the comercial section you will find an index of services and shops.



Esterri has sport facilities

1 Sports Pavilion
2 Multisports tracks of concrete
1 Tennis court
1 Swimmingpool (25 x 12 metres)
1 Football field (grass) -for 7 players-



Over the year the cultural activities in the town are varied and abundant. Click up the popular festivals, fairs and traditions link to see the most important ones in detail.